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terms and Conditions

accommodation and visit

1. Upon entering you will receive a special bracelet, which confirms the entry and generates the park insurance.

2. CHECK IN in the lodging area is from 3:00 PM, and CHECK OUT is at 1:00 PM.

For Glampinos, CHECK IN is at 4:00 PM.

Guests can stay in the accommodations for no more than 2 additional hours at checkout time, with an additional cost of $15,000 per hour in (alpine and sheepfold) in glampinos it would have an additional value of $25,000, value that will be charged to your account.


The park is enabled from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For guests with accommodation, it will be attended  from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

3. The reservation is made online, and with a minimum advance payment of fifty (50%) percent or the total.

4. We prohibit the entry of food and beverages. If alcoholic beverages are brought in, a corkage equivalent to 50% of the sale price will be charged at Los Pinos Parque Agroecoturístico.

5. Smoking is not allowed in the common areas or in the accommodation area, guests who do not respect this request will be charged a $25,000 cleaning fee that will be charged to their account. There is a designated smoking area in our facilities.


6. *WE ARE PET FRIENDLY* In our park you will find our Gatil where you will meet our cats and we also have a home for our dogs. Animals are not allowed inside the accommodations; are not allowed on the beds, it is recommended that the pet bring their own bed. The owner of the pet will be responsible for the damage caused by the pet to third parties, to the staff of Los Pinos Parque Agroecoturístico or our facilities. (It is strongly requested to collect the waste of your animal).


7. After 10 pm we want to maintain the tranquility of our spaces, therefore, guests are requested that after this time, the noise in the accommodation area and in our common areas is moderate so as not to interfere with sleep. of our guests.


8. We are taking care of our environment, for which we ask our guests not to throw garbage in the meadows or common areas, for this we have bins at different points of our facilities and in the different lodging areas.


9. Clients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult.


10. Los Pinos Parque Agroecoturístico may cancel any reservation in the event of a situation that is considered force majeure and/or an act of God or by a third party. Must reimburse the client 100% canceled by the same, which will not constitute a breach by Los Pinos Parque Agroecoturístico.

11. Los Pinos Parque Agroecoturístico may cancel the service to the Client or policyholder who does not comply with the safety, use and behavior standards required in our facilities.


12. The client is aware of the risks involved in lodging in the open air and that due to its remote location timely medical assistance and other benefits can be provided to those in populated places. 

13. Los Pinos Parque Agroecoturístico is not responsible for any inaccuracy or falsity in the information provided by the client.


14. The client is responsible for informing Los Pinos Parque Agroecoturístico in a timely manner and in writing of any complaint or suggestion through our email or through our customer service line, o_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ per our rcrm policy. You can also contact our customer service number 3217536667.


15. The photographs, videos or graphic content that are made in our facilities during events and accommodations are the property of Los Pinos Parque Agroecoturístico who may use them without any request or authorization to the producer.


16. The process after reservation will be indicated in detail, it is expected that the pertinent indications will be followed.



The administration


FOR COMPLAINTS AND CLAIMS CONTACT OUR MAIL: Or   through Whatsapp al  3217536667.


I have read and am fully aware of the conditions and terms of the services offered by Los Pinos Parque Agroecoturístico that appear in this format and on our website and I accept them.

We also invite you to know: 

Private Parking.
Special Routes.
Wi-Fi zones.
Do not enter food.
Restaurant and VIP Shop.
No Excessive Noises.
Cafeteria y 
Chocolate shop.
Do Not Enter
Alcoholic drinks.
Info point and work area.
areas for
We reserve the right of admission.

Sector el Castillo Vereda Bajo Estoracal, Hobo, Huila

316 7597016 - WWW.LOSPINOS.CO

Indications Google Maps:

Sector el Castillo Vereda Bajo Estoracal, Hobo, Huila

316 7597016 - WWW.LOSPINOS.CO

Indications Google Maps:

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